Exchange: How to list memberOf groups of a user?

Since this blog exists to explain how to list “memberof” groups of a DL, I am blogging again for user. There is no easy command to list all groups the user is member of. There is a little workaround to get the information from PowerShell.

User Member of which groups


Using AD cmdlets because they are very easy use. This command will display the parent (memberof) groups of their Email.

Replace <UserName> with the actual user’s name/alias in Get-ADUser command.

Get-ADUser <UserName> -Properties memberOf | Select-Object memberOf | Where-Object { $dn =[string] $_.memberOf ; Get-ADObject $dn -Properties mail | Select-Object mail}

Office 365/Exchange Online

End up using Exchange Online cmdlets in Exchange online. It may be little slower than On-Prem command. The idea is to run Get-User command with a filter if the user shows up in any group’s members. This will list the memberOf groups (of them email address).

Replace <user email address> with actual user’s email address in Get-User command.

$userDN = (Get-User <user email address>).distinguishedName ; $filter = "Members -eq '$userDN'" ; (Get-Group -Filter $filter | Select DisplayName, WindowsEmailAddress)

I wish Get-Mailbox or Get-User command have “memberof” property like in AD. But Exchange doesn’t. I hope this helped you.

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