Active Directory: “Your Account is Configured to Prevent You From Using This Computer”

This error means exactly as it sounds. Your user account is restricted to logon to specific computers. The computer you are getting an error is not in the list of Logon Workstations. To fix or add this computer in to logon allowed list, do the following.

1. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers

2. Select the Users Folder

3. Second mouse click on User Properties

4. Select Account Tab

5. Click on Logon On To..

6. Select All Computers or specify

7. Click OK



One Comment

  1. Thanks for this article! We were pulling our heads out running searches on GPO for security objects that might be blocking this user from logging on. It turns out the old admin was blocking the user this way. I’d prefer a GPO rather than per user….. THanks again!


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