Exchange: How to mail-enable the security group?

Say you have a AD Security Group, you want to convert to a distribution group. (When do we stop calling Distribution List…I always said DL. Now it’s distribution group..whatever!!)

It’s a very easy task. There is only one requirement.

Security group must be a Universal Group.

if it is not a universal group already, go ahead change in Active Directory (Uses and Computers console).

Open Exchange Admin (Power)Shell and type this:

Enable-DistributionGroup -Identity “Your Security Group Name”

That’s it. You are done. To verify open ADUC and check the group type. It should gained a email address and it will show up in Exchange Admin Center in Groups.

If you really really want to od in a GUI instead of PowerShell, follow the instructions below.

1. Open Exchange Admin Center
2. Go to Recipients ==> Groups
3. Click + to add a new group, choose Existing group
4. Select your AD Security Group and follow the wizard.

Enjoy. Smile

7 thoughts on “Exchange: How to mail-enable the security group?

  1. Are there any repercussions on permissions by changing a security group to a distro group? Such as file servers or other folders?

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