SCOM: “Critical hotfixes required for reliable operation of the Exchange Server 2010”–alerts on wrong servers

Whenever I install SCOM agent on new server, I get this alert.

Alert description: Critical hotfixes required for reliable operation of the Exchange Server 2010 and other management packs are not installed on this server. Please see the appropriate KB article for more information, and to download the required hotfix

Why would SCOM barking on a wrong tree? None of them are Exchange servers.

After staring at the alert for a minute and checked the SCOM monitor properties, I found this monitor is targeting Health Service that mean all monitored servers. a..ah! Bug in Exchange 2010 management pack!!!


Now how to fix it? Disable this monitor for all Servers and  target this alert only to Exchange servers. Follow the steps below to do that.

  1. Open SCOM Console and go to Authoring section.
  2. Select Monitors Node. Select the scope to “Health Service”.
  3. Search for “required SCOM hotfixes” image
  4. Right click on “The required SCOM hotfixes for Exchange MP are not installed” monitor, Select Overrides –> Override this Monitor –> For all objects of class: Health Service.image
  5. Check the box for Enabled and select False in Override Value column.  Optional: Select a custom management pack created by yourself on the bottom. Click OK to disable for monitor. image
  6. Right click on the same monitor again and select Overrides –> Override this Monitor –> For a Group..
  7. image

  8. Type Exchange in the search box and select “Microsoft Exchange 2010 All Servers Computers” and click OK.image
  9. Monitor may be already enabled since we only selected Exchange servers only. You may change any alert priority or severity. Click OK.image

That’s All. No more false alarms. Enjoy. Smile

16 thoughts on “SCOM: “Critical hotfixes required for reliable operation of the Exchange Server 2010”–alerts on wrong servers

  1. Thank you. I just ran into this issue after this bug triggered my main SQL server to go into red. Now it’s all good. I appreciate you posting the detailed steps.

  2. Hi.. thanks for your tips. I tried your tips as per your procedure, still am getting 3 servers the same error, i.e..( the required SCOM hotfixes for exchange MP are not installed) server is SCCM, SCOM & one domain member server. when i reset the health, it will be fine for few minutes, then again its coming the same error. Please Can you give me a advice

    1. I hope you didn’t miss any steps in my blog.

      On those servers, stop the SCOM agent service (healthservice), delete the folder (C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State) and start the SCOM agent service. This way the server has to get the settings fresh from the SCOM server. This step should resolve your problem.

      1. Hi..What is the SCOM agent service name in servers,i stopped sms agent host services and tried to delete the health service state folder.. its telling file in use..

      2. Hi Anand, i found the service name OpsMgr health service & stopped & deleted the folder & re started the services.. still in same error in critical.
        My SCOM version in SCOM 2007 SP1.(Licensed)
        I want to upgrade to SCOM 2007 R2 cu7 (is it need to buy new license?..)
        from the SCOM 2007 SP1, i created the email alert report, its showing the status New Subscription..Can you help this isssue

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