Exchange: How to list memberOf groups of a distribution group?

When I wrote a script to migrate distribution groups to Office 365 from On-Prem Exchange server, I had a requirement to list the parent (memberOf) groups. So I can migrate them in order or do not lose the group memberships during migration.

So how do we list the parent groups of a DL? There are different methods to get the memberOf groups for on-premises or Office 365 environment.


I am using AD cmdlets, because they are very easy use. This command will display the parent (memberof) groups of their Email:

Get-ADGroup <Group Name> -Properties memberOf | Select-Object memberOf | Where-Object { $dn =[string] $_.memberOf ; Get-ADObject $dn -Properties mail | Select-Object mail}

Office 365/Exchange Online

I end up using Exchange Online cmdlets in Exchange online. It may be little slower then On-Prem command. Idea is run Get-Group command with a filter if the group show up in any group’s members. This will list the memberOf groups (of them email address).

$GroupDN = (Get-Group ).distinguishedName
$filter = "Members -eq '$GroupDN'"
(Get-Group -Filter $filter).WindowsEmailAddress

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