Exchange Online/OWA: Where is the HELL is “Send event invitations in iCalendar format” option?

Do you have IMAP/POP3 users? It amazes me to see the some stubborn users refused to use Microsoft Outlook on their Mac/Windows computers. They uses the limited featured IMAP client. Hey! Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

Are they looking for the option “Send event invitations in iCalendar format” in OWA settings? This options converts meeting requests into a iCalendar file attachment.

They are expecting to find the option under

OWA Settings >>> Mail >>> Accounts >>> POP and IMAP


OWA Settings >>> Mail >>> Sync email

User-added image
I am sure this is the OLD OWA UI.

Instead they are seeing this in the new OWA UI.

p Search settings 
E Mail 
View quick settings 
Crynpose and reply 
Junk email 
Customize actions 
Sync email 
Message handling 
Automatic rephes 
Retention policies 
Sync email 
POP optiom 
Let devices and apps use POP 
O Yes 
@ No 
Server narne: 
Port 993 
Encryption rnethod: TLS 
SMTP setting 
Server name: 
Port 587 
Encryption rnethod: STARTTLS
So, Where the HELL is “Send event invitations in iCalendar Format” option?

I have learned that user cannot change this settings anymore. BUT as an Exchange Administrator, YOU can change this setting behalf of the user. Here is the PowerShell Command (connect to Exchange Online first):

# Provide the identity as email address of the user
Set-CASMailbox -Identity -ImapForceICalForCalendarRetrievalOption:$true -ImapUseProtocolDefaults:$false

Ta..da! Now that stone age IMAP user will start receiving future meeting requests in iCalendar file attachment. Say Hi! to them behalf of me.

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