Windows 10 Hello: That fingerprint has already been set up on another account.

If you ditched an account that had a fingerprint setup in Windows Hello, Windows 10 won’t let you add the same fingerprint for another account, obliviously.  Or you are trying to use second account with same fingerprint. So you will get this error message:


The question is how do we delete the registered fingerprint(s ) with different unused account. It is easy as 20 second task. Here is how you do it.

1. Open Services console (Windows key + R and type Services.msc). Stop the service called  Windows BioMetric Service (WbioSrvc)

2. Open folder location in file explorer: C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase\. On this location, there will GUID.dat files. Find the one with date you recognized you register the fingerprint. If not, just delete all DAT files.

3. Start the service Windows BioMetric Service again.

There was no reboot required on my case. Try registering your fingerprint now. Enjoy. Smile


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