Exchange: List all members for ‘Dynamic Distribution Group’

Since Dynamic Distribution Group lists its members by running the query (to Get-Recipient command) whenever someone sends email to this DL. But how do we troubleshoot if a user is not receiving email from this DL. Why would this user left out? Exchange 2010 onwards Microsoft provided PowerShell is the only way to check the members of Dynamic DL. I am going to explain how to do it?

We are going to use the following commands:

Get-DynamicDistributionGroup and Get-Recipient.

First get the dynamic DL named DL-NorthAmerica and assigned to variable $dl.

$dl = Get-DynamicDistributionGroup “DL-NorthAmerica”

Next run the query and list the recipients and assigned to a variable $allr

$allr = Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $dl.RecipientFilter -OrganizationalUnit $dl.RecipientContainer –ResultSize Unlimited

List all the recipients with any other information you want.

$allr | Select-Object Name,PrimarySmtpAddress,Title,Department,city

If you want you can save the results to a CSV file.

$allr | Select-Object Name,PrimarySmtpAddress,Title,Department,city | Export-Csv -Path “$pwd\ShoreTel-GlobalMembers.csv” –NoTypeInformation

Any questions, leave me  reply, will respond.


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