Exchange ActiveSync Log: How to get “verbosed” ActiveSync log from Windows Mobile Phone?

To enable "verbose" logging in ActiveSync on the Windows Mobile device

1. Open ActiveSync program

2. Click Menu –> Options

3. Select "Exchange Server" and click on "Settings" button

4. Click Next

5. Click "Advanced" button

6. Set "Event Logging" to Verbose. Click Next and Finish. Click OK to close the dialog.

7. Try to synchronize manually. Also try to send a test email from your mobile device.

After the “Un-successful” connection(s), please connect the device to your laptop using USB connection.

1. On your device, Click Start –> Programs –> File Explorer

2. Go to this location: WindowsActiveSync

3. Select all files. Copy and Paste it in My DocumentsLogs folder. (You may need to create Logs folder manually).

4. On your computer, Open the ActiveSync program. Click on Explore to see the files on your mobile.

5. Go to My DocumentsLogs. Copy all files to your Laptop (to a known location).

Well, if you can you can ZIP all the file on the Windows Mobile device, send it as a Email attachment to yourself or System Administrator.

You want to check the following files for any error messages (or even any interesting clues).

  • CtrlLog.txt
  • Microsoft Exchange0.txt
  • Microsoft Exchange1.txt
  • Microsoft Exchange2.txt

You may check the description of the error messages here:

Good Luck.

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