“0X86000108” : Windows Mobile Device is not synchronizing OR syncs occasionally

Few users complained that their Windows Mobile Device stopped synchronizing. They get this error number 0X86000108  in ActiveSync program on their Windows Mobile device. I informed them to get me the ActiveSync log with "verbose" information to see what’s actually going on.

To get the detailed ActiveSync log from the device, follow the link here: Exchange ActiveSync Log

Well I couldn’t find anything interesting in the ActiveSync logs. But, I found many Microsoft Support Knowledge base Articles as below.



October 25 2007

MSKB 926144: Error message when you use a Windows Mobile 5.0 device to synchronize tasks or messages with a mailbox on Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2: "0x86000108"

October 25 2007

MSKB 932054: Error message when you use a Windows Mobile 5.0-based device to synchronize messages with a mailbox on an Exchange 2003 server: "0x86000108"

October 25 2007

MSKB 937788: Error message when you synchronize a Windows Mobile 5.0-based device with Exchange 2003: "Active Sync encountered a problem on the server. Support code: 0x86000108"

April 7 2008

MSKB 950796: The Exchange ActiveSync process is unsuccessful, and an error code is returned to the mobile device in Exchange Server 2003

April 7 2008

MSKB 948744: ActiveSync cannot synchronize a mailbox if the Exchange Server 2003 store contains a corrupted e-mail item

After reading and some consideration, I dismissed KB926144 (Office2007/WM5 incompatibility), KB932054 (hot fix) and KB937788 (hot fix), because my users are using Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1. I couldn’t find any error number description at Exchange ActiveSync Error codes and what they mean.

As KB950796 explained, I enable "write" permission to all "authenticated" users to the TEMP directory. No notable results. Users were still suffering the outages. BlackBerry looked like heaven for them. (Well, RIM has their own issues..but what do users know about them? check http://www.blackberryforums.com)

Finally KB948744 suggests about a Exchange 2003 hot fix (SP2 have to be installed). I downloaded (what a relief? Thanks Microsoft..I don’t have to call for hot fixes anymore) and installed on the affected back-end Mailbox server. I think, it resolved our issue. But still one user is still suffering.

As a NUMBER-1 IT RULE suggests, if ONLY one user has the issue and all others are working fine, it must be the user device. So I informed the user to try to sync his email to a different Windows Mobile Device and see what happens. Well, I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I am sure it’s the device.  For your information his device is Samsung Blackjack ver 2.

Let me know if anyone else has same issue and how did you resolve it.

3 thoughts on ““0X86000108” : Windows Mobile Device is not synchronizing OR syncs occasionally

  1. I too have the same issue, exchange 2003 sp2, sharepoint services 3, office 2007 sp1. This issue only occurred when we rolled out Office 2007. Amazingly, I found the KB article, went to download the hotfix, was told onscreen its no longer public, phoned microsoft, they say the hotfix has been regressed so they can’t provide it, but that it will be included in exchange service pack 3!!! Microsoft representative could not give a release date for sp3 for exchange!!!! Even the MS rep was somewhat surprised to see the hotfix had been pulled and we are left for god knows how many months before sp3. So as of yesterday, our entire organisation cannot rely on sharepoint/mobile devices for business processes!!! Microsof are no longer offering any current solution to this issue unless your organisation is a premier business customer. I thought Vista was the most ludicrous microsoft experience to date, but they sure have topped it this time

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