What to do when Vista computer is unstable?

If your Vista Machine is running slow or very unstable or any hardware issues or mismatched driver issues, Don’t gripe like some silly wannabe bloggers Chatterboxor "page hit" longing magazine editors or self proclaimed Geeks. Instead take some productive steps to find out why it is happening?


When exactly moment your Vista machine experiencing issues, run "Perfmon /report" in Start search box.  It collects the performance data for 60 seconds and fetch Hardware details.


It gives nice report with detailed information.


Expand all the sections (e.g., Hardware configuration, CPU, Network) and look through to see any RED (error) information. If you find any, start your investigation from there.


Run "Problems Reports and Solutions" program to see if you can find solutions from Microsoft (documented using error collection from customer machines).  This program collects the hardware and software crash information, hung programs issues ,etc.,

Click Start Orb button and type "Problems Reports" in Search bar. Select the search result item "Problem Reports and Solutions". Explore the options here and you may find a documented solution already here. If you click on "Check for new solutions", the program will download (from Microsoft) new information for your collection problems on your computer.

If you are running on a old hardware, you are allowed to gripesmile_baringteeth till you afford to buy a latest computer.

If you are trying to use unsupported devices in Vista intentionally, Enlighten yourself Rolling Eyesat https://winqual.microsoft.com/HCL/Default.aspx or at Vendor’s web site.

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