Security Warning: The current web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list.

If you are getting this message, you are messing with IE Security settings and missed one.



  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select Tools – Internet Options
  3. Select Security Tab – Trusted Sites – Custom Level
  4. Find the setting Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone and Enable this setting.


Make sure the virtual machine’s configuration allows the guest to open host applications

If you see this error on a RDS or Citrix published application, Session host/XenApp server is messed up with file associations. I was trying to open a link to a site in RDS session. That means Internet Explorer is not default program to handle the links or HTM/HTML files.


Solution: Remote Desktop to the Session host or XenApp server and go to Control Panel –> Default Programs. Find Internet Explorer and click on Set this program as default.

If you are trying to open something else (e.g., PDF), verify the correct program is set to default to open the file or you can check file associations (by check Properties of the PDF file).


WebDAV: Increasing Maximum File Size Limit in Windows Server

Windows (IIS) server based WebDAV server has “laughable” file size limit for download or uploads to/from the server. It turn out to be the restriction is on the client side (Windows). Microsoft says the reason for this restriction is,


This issue occurs because a security change that was introduced in
Windows XP SP2 affects the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning
(WebDAV) redirector. This security change makes sure that an
unauthorized server cannot force a client computer into a denial of
service attack. If you try to download a file that is larger than
50000000 bytes, the client computer interprets this download as a denial
of service attack. Therefore, the download process stops.

Also it’s fixable. Too bad we have to fix this for every client machine that needs to use WebDAV with huge files. It is documented at

The fix is also described in above KB article. You can also see fix below as per in the KB article.  

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
  3. In the right pane, right-click the FileSizeLimitInBytes value, and then click Modify.
    If you cannot see the FileSizeLimitInBytes value, right-click the blank space in the right pane, click New, click DWORD Value, type FileSizeLimitInBytes, and then click OK.
  4. In the Edit DWORD Value box, click to select the Decimal option. In the box under Value data, type a value that is larger than the size of the file that you want to download. Click OK.
    Note The default value for the file size limit is 50000000 bytes.
  5. Quit Registry Editor. Restart the computer.

Unfortunately I didn’t find any server side solution, since Windows clients are set to restriction.

Fix: Microsoft Word Hangs when selecting Font

Another day life with issues. Frigging MS Word hung every time I tried to select a different font. Why me? It always happens when we really want some program to work for us.

Now how do we fix this? This is what came to my mind.

  • It got to be some font I installed lately. Go to Wordpad and tried changing the font. No issues there. If not, I would open Fonts window in Control panel and check every font manually.
  • Found something about printer drivers causing this particular issue. I have deleted the printers I have installed recently. (Click Start Orb button, select Devices and Printers and delete the printers).

Bingo, second solution did the magic. Hope it helps.

Windows 7: Network Card disconnect on high usage

My computer was keep disconnecting from network, I think it happens when I am doing high network usage. After I remove the network cable and reconnect, it works for while.

System Event log has few of these,

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client
Date: 4/19/2011 6:23:00 PM
Event ID: 1014
Task Category: None
Level: Warning
Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

I found this FORUM POST with few solutions.  The one worked for me is to disable Receive Side Scaling in network card advanced properties.  I hope this helps if anyone suffers from this nagging issue.


Windows Live Mesh: “Sorry, there was a problem allowing remote connections”

Are you trying to enable Remote Connections in Live Mesh settings and getting this generic error repeatedly?


I know you tried everything, like Running Live Mesh with elevated privileges (run as admin), etc., Nothing worked, huh! You did search the internet and end up no where.

Simple solution is uninstall the Windows Live Mesh completely (including Windows Live Mesh ActiveX Control for Remote Connections) and re-install it. It worked for me on my three computers.