Fix: Microsoft Word Hangs when selecting Font

Another day life with issues. Frigging MS Word hung every time I tried to select a different font. Why me? It always happens when we really want some program to work for us.

Now how do we fix this? This is what came to my mind.

  • It got to be some font I installed lately. Go to Wordpad and tried changing the font. No issues there. If not, I would open Fonts window in Control panel and check every font manually.
  • Found something about printer drivers causing this particular issue. I have deleted the printers I have installed recently. (Click Start Orb button, select Devices and Printers and delete the printers).

Bingo, second solution did the magic. Hope it helps.

13 thoughts on “Fix: Microsoft Word Hangs when selecting Font

  1. Hi
    our environment is exchange 2007 and one of user needs to send email behalf.I have given permission to the mail box manage full access permission. User can able to send eamil but not behalf of. Can any body help me on this.

  2. Thanks a lot man, I had the same issue, I deleted the Windows default Fax and 2 other virtual printers and somehow it did the magic. Pretty odd, but works. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Anand! Removed some old printers from the list. Can easily change the font now 🙂

      1. Till now, I’m still confused.
        Every time it takes 2 minutes or more to move the mouse inside my file. I deleted the printer and other devices but nothing worked out.

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