Exchange Online: Calendar Permissions – “Some Permissions cannot be displayed”

I needed remove few disabled users from the permission set in the Calendar. I got this error: “The security principal specified is already on the permission set”. To fix this error, I was using my other blog post:

Here is the wrinke. If you have Full Access permission to a mailbox, when you open the Calendar Properties dialog box and select Permissions in Outlook, you will see a message Some permissions cannot be displayed.


Fortunately This is documented in

The new Office software updates changed UI look ‘n feel of Sharing Calendar and managing permissions dialog box. They call it “much simpler user experience when sharing a calendar”. The side burn for this new UI update is that there are two sharing scenarios that are no longer supported.

  • Sharing a calendar if you have Full Access permission to your mailbox
  • Sharing a calendar if you have Author permission to a mailbox

Sure Microsoft. You had to make our life little harder and call it “much simpler user experience”.

The solution is:

1. Close Outlook

2. Add this Registry Key:

Registry key:


Value: 1

3. Open Outlook and try managing the Calendar permissions now.

Hope this helped you. Enjoy.

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