Outlook: How to delete emails after X number of days automatically?

This is client side solution of automatically deleting emails after X number of days.  We are going to use Outlook’s AutoArchive feature. Don’t worry AutoArchive feature can delete emails also. 

I would recommend create an Outlook rule to move the emails you want to delete after X number of days. Just to make sure this tip is for Outlook on Windows. 

Lets get to the instructions:

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to Files >> Options >> Advanced >> Auto Archive Settings
    1. Set Run AutoArchive every ___days to you liking. This means the emails will be deleted every X number of days automatically.
    2. Do you need to be prompted before AutoArchive Runs? Check the box for Prompt before AutoArchive runs
    3. Choose Permanently delete old itemsDo not click on Apply these settings to all folders now.
    4. Close OK.
  • Go and find the Outlook folder where the emails needs to be deleted. 
  • Right click on the folder and choose Properties, then open AutoArchive tab.
    • Select Archive this folder using these settings
    • Select Clean out items older than __ Weeks. If you want to delete the emails after 90 days, type 90 and select days. 
    • Select Permanently delete old items
    • Click OK

That’s all. You have done it. Wait for the AutoArchive to kick in and watch it delete the emails automatically.

Hope that helped you. Enjoy and Leave me a reply.  

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