OneDrive on Mac: Shared documents cannot be modified and save the changes

On your Mac if any of the document has issues on editing/modifying and saving the changes, it could be Office cache became corrupted. Deleting the Office cache will resolve your issue on your Mac.

Here is how to clear the Office document cache:

1. Back up locally the modified version first or you’ll lose your changes!

2. Remove the following folder after closing all the Office apps running.

/Users/[USER_NAME_HERE]/Library/Containers/ Support/Microsoft/AppData/Microsoft/Office/15.0/OfficeFileCache

3. Here is where the temporary DB Office uses to store status.  Remove the files in,

/Users/[USER_NAME_HERE]/Library/Containers/ Support/Microsoft/AppData/Microsoft/Office/15.0/MruServiceCache

4. Then reopen the SharePoint/OneDrive file in Office Program, it should re-download the document.

Hope it helped you. Leave me a note. 🙂

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