Office: “Add to dictionary” option greyed out

I have helped someone with their Word (& PowerPoint) for not able to add custom words into Dictionary. When the user selected an word and right click, the option for Add to dictionary is greyed out like below picture.


Fix/Solution: Add a Custom Dictionary and select a language in Proofing options.

  1. Click File –> Options
  2. Select Proofing –> Custom Dictionaries
  3. Select the CUSTOM.DIC and a Language (English (United States) in my case) if not selected. If you don’t see your language, add it.


4. That’s all. Click OK’s to close all dialog boxes. Your problem is fixed. You can now add words into custom dictionary.


22 thoughts on “Office: “Add to dictionary” option greyed out

  1. There is no ‘Proofing” on the options listing having clicked on File – Options
    Where to from here?
    Not having the ‘add to dictionary’ function is very frustrating
    Your assistance will be appreciated

  2. Chris,
    OS is Windows 7. But what is the Microsoft Office software version? e.g, Office 2016. My blog is to fix Word/Excel/PowerPoint proofing issues.

  3. Thank you! I have Outlook 2013 and followed your instructions and the “Add to Dictionary” is not longer greyed out! It worked, thank you

  4. Why is this sometimes needed? I have many users with “RoamingCustomDictionary” selected and they have no problem adding to that dictionary. Other users can’t add to their dictionary and have to do this workaround. What causes this, and does this change mean their dictionary won’t roam with their profile?

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