Windows Server 2012/Windows 8: Manage Remote IIS Server

By default we cannot manage the remote IIS server in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. It’s kinda sucks. IIS Remote Manager is not installed to begin with!!! We don’t see Connect to a server option.


To manage remote IIS servers we have to install IIS Remote Manager. To install IIS Remote Manager,

– expand and click on the local computer name in IIS Manager console. On the right-hand side Action Pane, click on Get New Web Platform Components.


– Find IIS Manager for Remote Administration v1.1 (or above version) and click Add button.


– After install, Close and reopen the IIS manager. New options will show under Create new connection.. menu (globe icon) as Connect to a server…, Connect to a Site…, etc.,


Hope this blog helped you. Things are not getting easier on every version of Windows.

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