How do I change the Environment Variable in Vista?

One of my friend called me and just to tell me how much he hate Vista. I asked him the ‘hate’ details. He wanted to install a home grown software and part of the setup process is to create "Environment Variable" manually. He couldn’t find where to add the environment variable. His company developers gave him instructions for XP which doesn’t (didn’t) apply to Vista.

I informed him where the setting is. Click Start (Orb) button, type "User Accounts" and press Enter. I hope he is less hating Vista now on. The classic administrators knows how to add/modify the environment variable in Command Prompt. Another GUI way of opening the User Account settings are explained below.

1. Click Start (Orb) Menu and click on "User image" as below,


2. The User accounts window will open and click on "Change my environment variables"


3. The familiar (XP style) dialog box will show up like below.


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