How to send “Executable file” via E-mail?

I came across few occasions users wants to send executable files via E-Mail with valid business reasons. Nowadays, everyone blocks any executable extensions in e-mail attachments. If your company is not blocking the executable attachments, IT guys are not with the times.

Any ways, even if the user zip the executable file, some companies strip the files inside the ZIP file (ours also). Don’t think to rename the file, Anti-virus software looks for the signature in the file, not the file extension. That leaves few un-happy users in the company.

There is best kept secret kept in IT departments and few friends for IT guys. I am letting that secret out to everyone here.

ZIP your executable file with PASSWORD. Let the other end user know your zip password.

Password protected zipped file can’t be scanned by anti-virus software, it usually (I said usually) let it PASS without any action. So there you go.

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