Outlook Contacts with Photos

If you use Outlook 2003 and up on your computer, you can add photos for each contact you created in Outlook Contacts folder. Let me explain why do you want to add the photos to the contacts,

1. If you open the mail from one of your contacts, the mails shows up with the photo. Even better, if you sync your Windows Mobile phone with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange server, the contact photo show up everywhere like in mail, contacts, calls.

In Outlook mail:


In Windows Mobile (Reading Mail):


In Windows Mobile, Contacts show up like this,


If someone calls from your contact list, their photo will up along with Caller-Id on your Windows Mobile phone.

To add the photo in Outlook Contacts, Open the Contact and click on the picture frame and add a photo. I know most of us don’t have a photo for everyone in the Contacts list. You can search for "Avatar" in Internet and find some cool Avatars for your contacts.


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