Outlook Contacts with Photos

I have added photos for my Outlook Contacts, which results the contact photo shows in email header in Outlook. Better yet, my Windows Mobile shows up the photos when someone calls from my contact list and mails show up with photo. I came across few users who amazed to see the photos in email header and in my Windows Mobile contacts.

It’s really simple to add a photo to the Outlook contact and you do it once. Outlook and Windows Mobile try to show the photo where ever the contact shows up.

I know you don’t have photo for everyone. Here are the ways to collect the photos for your contacts,

1. If you have digital camera photos, you can cut just the face of your friend or co-worker and save it as picture file.

2. Take a photo using your phone camera.

3. Find a good "avatar" picture from Internet (search for Avatar)

I have blogged this also at http://anandpv.blogspot.com/2007/10/outlook-contacts-with-photos.html

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