Office 365: Map “OneDrive for Business” to a network location in Windows computers

To map the OneDrive for Business cloud drive on Windows, you have to tweak IE settings before you mount the cloud drive. With mapped network location, you don’t have to keep any offline files and easy to upload files by drag and drop to network location.

It sometimes disconnects time to time and you have to reconnect it with same steps below.

1. Modify the IE Settings

         a. Open Internet Options in Control Panel

         b. Go to Security Tab

         c. Click on Sites button and add the following sites to Trusted Sites



                        iii. https://*



        d. Close all dialog boxes

2. Get the URL for OneDrive for Business

        a. Open IE and go to

        b. Enter your credentials and check the box for clip_image002

        c. Click on OneDrive Icon to open cloud drive

        d. Copy the URL from the address box and add Documents in the end like below example.

https://<your Office365 tenant name><your username>_company_com/Documents


3. Map network location in File Explorer (My Computer)

           a. Open File Explorer (or My Computer in older Windows) and select This PC on the left side tree.

           b. Click on Add Network Location button in the ribbon (or right click on empty space in File Explorer and select Add Network Location).


           c. Click Next on Add Network Wizard window

           d. Click to select Choose custom network location and click Next

           e. Copy and paste modified URL as above (e.g., And click Next.


          f. Enter a name for your network location and click Next and Finish to complete the wizard.


           g. You will find the mapped network location in My PC section.


If the Network Location disconnected for some reason, try reconnecting it with the same steps above. I usually save my OneDrive for Business URL in a text file for quick reference.

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