PowerShell: List iSCSI and Fiber Channel LUNs on a Windows Server

I wrote this script to collect LUNs information (mostly Size and Free Space) on our SQL and Exchange servers.

If we assign the LUN from Storage system as NTFS mount point, you can’t really see the Total size and Free disk space in GUI (File Explorer). So I wrote this script to collect and monitor (with different script) about Free Space inside the LUN.

Download this script HERE.

    Script Name: Get-LunInfo.ps1
    Purpose: Get iSCSI and Fiber Channel LUNs info

    Writen By: Anand, the Awesome, Venkatachalapathy

    How to Run: Just run the script in PowerShell, no parameters required.

#Empty Array
$LUNi = @()

#Get the Logical Disks using WMI query
Get-WMIObject Win32_LogicalDisk | Foreach-Object {

  $diskinfo = Get-WmiObject -Query `
    “Associators of {Win32_LogicalDisk.DeviceID=’$($_.DeviceID)’} WHERE ResultRole=Antecedent”
  #Collect the required info in variables
  $size = “{0:f2}” -f (($_.Size)/1GB)
  $freespace = “{0:f2}” -f (($_.freespace)/1GB)
  $VolName = $_.VolumeName
  $DeviceId = $_.DeviceID
  $Name = $diskinfo.Name
  #Create Hash Table
  $LUNs = @{“DiskName” = “$DeviceID”;”Name” = “$Name”;
  “VolumeName” = “$VolName”;”Size”=”$size”;
  “FreeSpace”=”$freespace”  }
  #Assign the hash table to the Array
  $LUNi += $LUNs

#Store the info in CSV file
“Disk Name`tDevice ID`tVolume Name`tSize in GB`tFree Space in GB” | `
       Out-File -FilePath .\LunInfo.csv

foreach ($LUN in $LUNi)
    $LUN.DiskName + “`t” + $LUN.Name + “`t” + $LUN.DiskName + “`t” + `
    $LUN.VolumeName + “`t” + $LUN.Size + “`t” + $LUN.FreeSpace  | `
    Out-File -FilePath .\LunInfo.csv -Append

#Display the results in a Table
Import-Csv -Path .\LunInfo.csv  -Delimiter “`t” | ft -AutoSize

#Display the results in Grid view (remove this if you don’t want
#this view
Import-Csv -Path .\LunInfo.csv  -Delimiter “`t” | Out-GridView

                   * * * The End * * *

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