Outlook 2013: Something unexpected went wrong with this URL–Class not registered


If you get this error when you click on links in Outlook emails, you would be wondering what’s this error is all about.


There is nothing to it. Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser) is not correctly set as default browser for the HTTP/HTTPS links.

Solution: Make IE (or Firefox or Chrome) as default browser on your computer at Control Panel / Default Programs console. This error will go away after you set your favorite browser as default.

Try making Firefox or Chrome as default browser using built-in methods in the browser.  For example, in Firefox the settings are at Options as below.




      1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I changed my default to IE and I didn’t have any problems. When I changed back to Firefox, I got the same message. Do you have a suggestion on what to do with Firefox? I really prefer it to IE. Thanks for your help.

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