Solution: LG G3 is not streaming music to Bluetooth speaker

My LG G3 stopped steaming music to my Bluetooth headset. But the Bluetooth devices are paired and showed up as connected.

When I played a song, it played through phone speaker. I can control volume, and next/previous songs from my Bluetooth device. WTF? I searched Internet, there were users having same exact issue, the suggested solutions wasn’t working. some of them are,

  • Turn off Bluetooth and Turn on again
  • Go to Bluetooth settings on your G3, click on settings for your Bluetooth device, Uncheck Media audio and check it again

The solution that worked for me is

  • make a call using the Bluetooth, while on the call increase the Bluetooth audio sound volume
  • after hang up the call, music started streaming to my Bluetooth speaker

Hope it helps.

10 thoughts on “Solution: LG G3 is not streaming music to Bluetooth speaker

  1. I had a problem with it streaming, or so i thought. It was actually just the fact that the bluetooth volume on the phone was turned down. While playing, turning up the volume n the phone.

  2. Because this is the first solution to the problem when I Googled “bluetooth not connecting with a speaker or headphones with the LG G3” here is my solution. My Problem is that I would not have the option for media audio/media option when pairing with my bluetooth headphones only call audio was available.

    1. go to settings
    2. go to application manager
    3. press the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select show system
    4. scroll down to Bluetooth (gear icon) tap Bluetooth tap storage tap clear data and press ok go back one screen
    5. find the other Bluetooth app (bluetooth icon) and repeat the process …tap Bluetooth tap storage tap clear data tap okay exit out of application manager
    6. reconnect with your Bluetooth device this should allow you to stream music and not just accept calls
    if this works for you send me a tweet @Jonny_Z_Dingle

    1. This worked for me thanks a lot !! tried lots of different methods but i think this is the one which will cure everyones problem on this topic

    2. dude, your my frickin hero!!! Been having this problem for a while now, just thought since the last update on my phone it didn’t work anymore. Much thanks bro

  3. I spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon. Their ultimate solution was to do a factory reset, which meant having to do all the back up, etc. I decided to go with your solution first, just in case. Thank you, so far your solution is working very well! I think the issue happened when my phone did an update and it messed up the settings.

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