WebDAV: “404–File or directory not found”

You published your files using Microsoft IIS web server using WebDAV extensions. When you try to download the file from webDAV location, you get “Server Error” “404 – File or directory not found”. You know the file exists alright. What’s going on here? Devil




Answer is simple. Freaking IIS server wants to know what kind of MIME type so it can let you download. For example it can be a picture file to show it on the browser or a video file to play it on the browser. To set the correct MIME type of your file, follow the steps below.

1. Open IIS Administrators console on the server

2. Go to Default Web Site or to the site where the files are published.

3. On the settings page find MIME Types icon, double click to open it.


4. Next find the correct MIME type of the file by matching closest matching type from the page. E.g., .mp3 is audio/mpeg. Still can’t find it? Search it on the Internet.

5. Click Add on the Action pane. Type the extension as .xxx and the MIME type.  Click OK.



That’s All. You have done it. Try clicking the file on your webDAV site.

Enjoy and leave a thanks note below. Winking smile

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