RDS Session Host issue in Windows 2008 R2

One of the RDS session host in the farm is trouble opening any RDS consoles (RemoteApp Manager or Session Host Configuration). I get this error message: “The sessions for this RD Session Host server cannot be retrieved. The remove server does not support running RemoteApp Manager remotely”


To be sure I wasn’t running the RemoteApp manager remotely. I am trying to open it locally on the session host server. I came to conclusion that WMI repository must have been corrupted some how. Since even using admin consoles locally on the server, it has to get the information from WMI as if we access the console remotely.

Running winmgmt /salvagerepository at command prompt (with administrative privileges) should resolve the issue.

Winmgmt /salvagerepository performs a consistency check on the WMI repository, and if an inconsistency is detected, rebuilds the repository. The content of the inconsistent repository is merged into the rebuilt repository, if it can be read. The salvage operation always works with the repository that the WMI service is currently using

If it still doesn’t resolve, try resetting the WMI state to the initial state when the OS was installed. Try running winmgmt /resetrepository.

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