Exchange 2010: “Set as Reply” greyed out

Changing the primary SMTP e-mail address in Exchange system is as easy as select a e-mail address & set as reply in E-Mail Addresses tab in Mailbox properties. Well, now it’s greyed out. Baffled? Don’t be. 


Answer: Uncheck the option for Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy. That’s it. E-mail address policy is being applied to this mailbox, that’s why you can’t change the default settings.

13 thoughts on “Exchange 2010: “Set as Reply” greyed out

  1. I just found this article which solved my problem… thank you for that. Ironically, at the bottom of the article was an add from Staples, the office supply store. In thinking about the answer to this article a Staples marketing phrase comes to mind… “WOW, That was Easy!”. The easy button definitely applies to this solution!!!!!

  2. That. . . . was . . . . so simple, yet so elegant. lol I feel kinda dumb now, but thanks man it worked.

    1. After you disable “Automatically update email addresses…” check box, click OK to save the settings. Reopen the mailbox properties, then you can change the default email address.


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