Legacy Mailbox in Exchange 2010, Solvable Mystery.

Help desk guys brought me a problem with newly created mailboxes. They claimed new mailboxes were shown as “Legacy Mailbox” in Exchange Management Console. What would be implications?

Found an answer really quickly on first page of Bing search. This MSKB 931747 says

This issue may occur if the following conditions are true:

  • The mailbox was created in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in on a server that was running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
  • The mailbox was moved to an Exchange Server 2007 server or an Exchange Server 2010 server .

The resolution in that MSKB says

To resolve this issue, correct the properties of the mailbox. To do this, use the Set-Mailbox command together with the ApplyMandatoryProperties parameter in the Exchange Management Shell.

I came up with the following power shell command to convert all Legacy mailboxes in the organization to Normal Exchange user mailbox.

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Where { $_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq ‘LegacyMailbox’ } | Set-Mailbox –ApplyMandatoryProperties

Open Exchange Management Shell, copy & paste the above command. The first part of the cmdlet gets all mailboxes (get-mailbox). Second part filters only Legacy Mailboxes (Where). The last cmdlet applies the “ApplyMandatoryProperties”.

Hope you find this blog easily and helps you quickly.

17 thoughts on “Legacy Mailbox in Exchange 2010, Solvable Mystery.

  1. This seems to have worked for me, thanks. I’m 24 hours or so without the error popping up.

    I’m running Server 2008; Exchange 2010; and my machines on the LAN are Win 7 Ultimate running Office 2010.

  2. Got me to my fix…thanks.

    All I had to do though was

    Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails LegacyMailbox | Set-Mailbox -ApplyMandatoryProperties

  3. I am having this issue – made a Mailbox with code using the Exchange 2010 settings and even though it made with all of the new settings, it listed my mailbox as Recipient Type Legacy Mailbox. I tried to modify this code and use

    get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited |$_.User -eq ‘Fred Flintstone’ | set-mailbox -applymandatoryproperties

    and nothing happened. Any hints???

    1. $_.User -eq ‘Fred Flintstone replace to ” Where { $_.Fred Flintstone -eq ‘LegacyMailbox’ }”

  4. it converts for exisiting mailboxes, but new user accounts are still being created as Legacy. Any thoughts?

      1. If we have exchange 2010 and office 365 so the account which is created on 2010 will show as legacy account.

      2. all Account which is created on-prim is showing as legacy account and from past 5-6 month we are migrating account on cloud 0365.

        I am checking it on AD toolbox

        What is the solution and how to change it to user mailbox.

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