Excel 2007: Eye Candy Check List in Excel, otherwise called “Conditional Formatting”

As a System Admin in IT, Many times I have to make a list in Excel to state status of, say, Servers. I am sure you have some list you have to manager in Excel. Here is the cool way of managing the check list. This is tested in Excel 2007 and I am not sure about the lower versions of Office.

The End result looks like this:


Like the idea.smile_whatchutalkingabout  Read ahead for “How to” help.

1. Make a list like above and Select the Status column with header like below picture.


2. Now click Conditional Formatting in Home tab and select Icon Sets. Select the ICON that suits your needs. For this document I chose the Tick mark, X icon and ! icon.


3.  Leave the Status column selected, click on Conditional Formatting again and Select Manage Rules..


4. On Conditional Formatting Rules Manager click on Edit Rule…


5. Select Show Icon Only check box on the bottom and click OK. (Note the ICON/Value rule)


6. On the Status column cells, enter 1 for tick mark, 0 for X mark and –1 for ! mark.


Show your Excel spreadsheet others and show them how to do it.  Look Good!!! smile_shades

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