Windows 7: Your own Wallpapers to display in specified intervals

I like to change my wallpaper every 15 minutes on my computer. I have blogged about Wallpaper Master (freeware) for XP and Vista computers.

Now in Windows 7, you can choose group of pictures which will be applied as Wallpaper for every specified minutes. Default is 30 minutes. Imagine you may group your last vacation photos as, say, vacation wallpaper group. Interested, follow me I will show you how in Windows 7.

1. Right click on desktop and select Personalize.


2. Click on Desktop Background icon. Notice you may select a themes right here. I am expecting custom themes from enthusiasts.


3. Click Browse button and select the folder which has your photos or pictures.


4.  Check out the options below for Picture Position and Change Picture every X minutes. Click Save changes button. And That’s it.



I have 2 GB worth of collected wallpapers which I set to rotate in every 1 minute. Man! I Love my desktop.

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