Windows 7: System Configuration (formally called MSConfig)

What can you do with System Configuration tool in Windows 7 (and MSConfig in Vista and XP)? Many things.. First how to open the application in Windows 7, Vista and XP. I covered MSConfig for controlling startup programs HERE.

In Windows 7, Click on Windows Orb button. Start typing System Config.


Click on System Configuration from the search list.image

On Vista and XP, press Windows button and R to open the RUN dialogbox, type MSConfig and press enter.

Here are the uses of this tool:
– You can control the start up programs in Startup tab, Services in Services tab.
– On Boot tab, you can control the Boot.ini file and this is for more advanced users
– When your computer is unstable because of driver or program, take a look at General Tab. You can boot into Diagnostic Startup or  Selectic Startup to troubleshoot the issue

How many of you already know you can list and launch all the system tools in one place? It’s System Configuration (or MSConfig). Check out the Tools tab.


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