“Changes to the distribution list membership could not be saved. You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this operation on this object.”

When I added permissions to add/remove members to a user in Child3 domain for the Universal Group (in Child1 domain). "Write Members" special permission supposed to give the user to add/remove members from the DL using Outlook.



But, it didn’t for the user in Child3 domain. Owner for the DL who resides in Child1 domain is fine. I found the following KB article which is my issue.

"Do not have sufficient permissions" error message occurs when you use Outlook Address Book to manage distribution list membership

I didn’t bother using AutoDL. But that would be a right solution. Instead, I informed the user in Child3 domain that he can’t add or remove member because of different domain.

If there is only one owner for this DL, I would move the DL to the Child3 domain. If you have same issue, you may consider these options.

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