Finally! Active Directory Tools only for Vista SP1(They called “Remote Server Administration Tools” now)

How many times did you bitch about Vista and Microsoft as a IT Administrator? Well I did few times. Because there was no Active Directory tools like "Active Directory Users and Computers" or "Sites and Services" in Vista. The Windows 2003 version of AD tools won’t support on Vista. There was few workarounds, but you don’t get all the features. It’s about time now.

If you probably wondering where the heck my "GPMC" tools in your Vista SP1 machine, it’s been removed when you install Vista SP1. Reason: I don’t know. But the Remove Server Administration Tools update installs the GPMC.msc back or your computer.

Remote Server Administration Tools

After Microsoft released Windows Server 2008, they released the AD tools for Vista SP1 on March 24th 2008. I installed it and works well with my Windows 2003 Active Directory.

Here is the Link: Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista SP1 32-bit Edition (KB941314)

64bit edition is here: Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista SP1 64-bit Edition (KB941314)

BUT THERE IS A CATCH Surprised. This Microsoft update won’t automatically install the "Active Directory Users and Computers", "Active Directory Sites and Services", etc., 

After you install the above update (KB941314), do the following.

1. Open "Programs and Features" window in Control Panel

2. Click "Turn Windows Features on of off" on the left side band

3. On Windows Features window, Expand "Remote Server Administration Tools" and enable all the features you need.

4. Click OK to install.

Now If you open the user properties, you don’t see the Exchange Tabs. Follow the instructions below.


Exchange related Properties in User Properties

I would open a Command Prompt with Administrative privileges and do the following tasks.

1. Copy the following files to your C:WindowsSystem32 folder on your Vista computer from your Exchange Server

The following files are usually under \<ExchangeServer>c$Program FilesExchsrvrbin (don’t click this link)

    • address.dll
    • escprint.dll
    • exchmem.dll
    • glblname.dll
    • maildsmx.dll
    • pttrace.dll

The following files are under \<ExchangeServer>c$WindowsSystem32 (don’t click this link)

  • netui0.dll
  • netui1.dll
  • netui2.dll

2. Register "maildsmx.dll" file on your Vista SP1 machine. Run the following in a command prompt with admin previleges.

Regsvr32 C:WindowsSystem32maildsmx.dll

3. Open your "Active Directory Users and Computers" and open the user or DL properties. You will see the Exchange related tabs.


Wait a minute…Where is Exchange Management Console or System Manager support? How do I get the Office Communicator tabs? Answer: Start Bitching Angry.

Just for your FYI: You cannot install the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange System Manager on a Windows Vista-based computer

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