“Copy To Folder” & “Move To Folder”

In Windows XP SP2, if you select a bunch of file or folder, you will get "Copy to a Folder" and "Move to a Folder" link in Action pane (on the left). It is very useful feature. Without it, copying or moving files/folders are little tedious (like copy the files and paste it on desired location).

What were they thinking? That great feature was removed and hidden for no reason. Fear no more. Here is how you can find that feature in Vista.

1. Select a file(s) or folder(s)

2. Click ALT-E to open the Edit menu

3. Select "Copy To Folder" or "Move to Folder"


4. Select a destination folder and click Copy button or Move button.


Some people prefers to have these commands in right click menu. I mean when you right click on a selected file(s), you can select "Copy To older" or "Move To Folder" command.


If you really really wants to have it in right-click menu, you need to edit the registry.  Follow the steps below,

1. Open the Notepad program

2. Copy and paste the following registry text in to the Notepad

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



3. Save as "COPYandMOVE.reg" (REMEMBER: When you specify the file name in Notepad (File –> Save) window, you HAVE to type the file with Double Quotes, otherwise it will save with .txt extention)

4. Right click the saved COPYandMOVE.reg file and select "Merge". Follow the administrative warning dialog boxes to add the new registry keys.

5. After you added the registry, you will get "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" menu items when you right click on selected file(s) or folder(s).

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