Volume Mixer in Windows Vista

Vista is first OS that gets very customizable Volume Mixer for running programs.  To see it in action,

1. Click the Volume button and select the Mixer Link in the imageNotification Area in Task bar

2. Volume Mixer window will open up and show the running applications and it’s volume level. You can change the settings just the way you want.


How cool is that? My radio broadcast is set to low, but my messenger alerts are set to high.

There is some issue for some users about the Volume Mixer window refresh issues: See the Microsoft Knowledge base article: The volume slider may appear with a black background in Volume Mixer in Windows Vista

2 thoughts on “Volume Mixer in Windows Vista

  1. I think its absolutely horrible, I compose music and sounds – this new volume control gives me absolutely no control over my Recording devices and alternate sound cards. I can only record using one device at a time which completely defeats the purpose of me even having 2 sound cards, its not that I don’t need them anymore – its that I cant use them simultaneously anymore.. for example with the old windows volume control I could select a sound card, set its recording property and be on my way with mixing and recording sounds from multiple instances at once.. with vista, I choose one recording device and that’s the final word. I think vista is absolutely horrible when it comes to Audio Development, it is defiantly a dream come true when it comes to pretty much anything else.. But this “Apple” look to the VistaOS has nullified my advanced knowledge, and FORCED me to install XP64 again…

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