Exchange ActiveSync Gripes

Notes and ActiveSync – Why?

I came pretty disappointed when I realized Exchange ActiveSync is not supported with (Outlook) Notes sync. So,I looked Exchange 2007 Active Sync and no where mentioned Notes sync is on the horizon. So, I take it Notes sync will never be included in ActiveSync now or in future.

According to this link, Exchange 2007 ActiveSync can sync voice messages and fax attachments from mailbox, but NOT "Notes".

I don’t know what complication MS has with Notes synching using Exchange ActiveSync. Otherguys on the same block (BlackBerry, Good, iAnywhere,Seven, etc.,) have no problem synching Notes.

PocketPC/Smartphone Backup and ActiveSync – Missing feature

You know what else would be really cool feature…over the air Backup and Restore. I know iAnywhere has it with OneBridge software. It’s a full backup (including memory card) to the server wirelessly. If it saves you at least one time  in a critical situation, it’s worth it. May be, some third party guys should work on extending Exchange ActiveSync if it is possible. (On this paragraph,I have to mention that WM5 has no in-built backup feature and I don’t see it in ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2)

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