Exchange 2013: Get-MoveRequest batch status returns nothing

I have added batch migrations (with an csv file) in Exchange 2013 web console. Then I wanted to see the migration (mailbox move) status in Exchange Shell.

Get-MoveRequest –BatchName “CorrectBatchName”

That returned nothing. I was baffled. I found the answer when I ran the following command. BatchName property has the correct batch name format.

Get-MoveRequest | FL

Answer: Since I submitted the migration batch in web console, it submitted to the migration service. Correct command is,

Get-MoveRequest –BatchName “MigrationService:Your Batch Name”

To see the statistics info, use this command.

Get-MoveRequest -BatchName “MigrationService:Your Batch Name”   | Get-MoveRequestStatistics



    1. In case you didn’t figure it out, “MigrationService:Your Batch Name” is the name of the move request. If you did the migration via Powershell, more than likely, there is no name. So, you would just use Get-MoveRequest -BatchName “”.


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