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Exchange 2010: Database Restore Issue (Exchange VSS Writer failed restoring a backup)

You are trying to restore Exchange Database and Restore fails miserably. You get the following event log on your mailbox server. (It doesn’t matter which Backup software you use, the error is common since all backup software uses Exchange APIs).

Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchangeIS
Date: 11/6/2012 4:33:43 PM
Event ID: 9751
Task Category: Exchange VSS Writer
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Exchange VSS Writer failed restoring a backup because a prohibited attempt was made to add additional restores to a previous restored backup set where database recovery was already performed (perhaps unsuccessfully). The restored backup set is described in the existing restore environment document ‘C:\ExchangeStorage\DB1-Logs\E01restore.env’.

Additional restores to this database or location will continue to fail until the remnants from the previous restored backup set have been manually cleaned up.

Reason: Exchange detects the database has been restored previously. In other words, You are trying to restore the database that has been restored already.

Solution: Watch that event log (Id 9751) and ready carefully about “Existing Restore Environment Document” file name (E01restore.env). Find that file and delete it. (light hearted admins rename the file). Try the restore again and it should work.  I am guessing this is failsafe mechanism in Exchange 2010 against multiple database restores.


Being in Silicon Valley for years, I became a IT Infrastructure Geek by experience and surrounded by other Geeks everywhere. I try to help others by the solutions I found on odd occasions.

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