PowerShell: Add all users who works for a manager/director/VP to a group

I couldn’t find a why to add all employees who works under an VP to an Active Directory group. I end up writing my own script and scheduled it to update it every week.

If you are interested, copy/paste the following script into notepad and save it as PopulateGroupByManager.ps1. Run with Manager/Director/VP’s username or distinguished name.

#------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Function: IsAccountDisabled # Purpose: Gets state of the Active Directory User Account (True for disabled, false for # active) # Parameters: <distinguishedName> #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Function IsAccountDisabled($UserDN) { #Form the LDAP URL Path $LDAPPath = "LDAP://$UserDN" #Get the ADSI object of the LDAP path $UserObject = [ADSI] "$LDAPPath" #Get and return Account Disabled binary value (true or false) return $UserObject.PsBase.InvokeGet("AccountDisabled") } #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Function: Get-DirectReports # Purpose: Get the direct reports employees list. If the direct report has other # direct reports, call this function recursily to display the direct reports. # Parameters: <User Name> or <distinguishedName> #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function get-directreports { Param($user) #Increase the level of organization structure by one #Every time this function (get-directreports) called, it is processing #employees from an Manager $level++ #Get the User object $userdetails = Get-ADUser $user -Properties directReports,distinguishedName #Check the account disabled or not $AccountStatus = IsAccountDisabled($userdetails.distinguishedName) if ( $AccountStatus ) { #Yes the account disabled..no need to process. #skipping } else { #Processing working employee (possibly an Manager) #Process through all direct reports of processing employee user object foreach( $directreport in $userdetails.directReports ) { $adobject = get-AdObject $directreport If ($adobject.ObjectClass -eq "contact") { #this current object is a contact..do nothing. } else { #if we are in this for loop, there is/are some direct reports for #the processing user object "Adding " + (Get-ADUser $directreport).name Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $GroupName -Members (Get-ADUser $directreport).saMAccountName #Count the global employee count in this organization structure $Script:Count++ #Check the each directreport employee has other directreports $drdetails = get-aduser $directreport -Properties directReports if ($drdetails.directReports -eq $null) { #No direct reports for this employee...Do Nothing } else { #There are some direct reports, so call get-directreports function (itself) #to process the direct reports get-directreports $drdetails.distinguishedName } } } } #Decrease the level of organization structure by one #Every time this function quits, we are going to up in the organization structure $level-- } #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Name: PopulateGroupByManager.ps1 # Purpose: Get all employees working under a speific VP # Parameters: Distinguished Name of the employee (VP or Director or Manager) # # Written by: Anand Venkatachalapathy # Written Date: May 16th 2012 #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #Turning off the errors and warnings. #I am expecting some warning on contact objects in AD and other disabled accounts. $ErrorActionPreference = "SilentlyContinue" #Import Active Directory Module Import-Module ActiveDirectory if ($args.count -lt 2) { "Error: Missing Arguments:" "Run this script with two arguments, 1. Manager/VPs UserName 2. Group name to add members." "e.g., PopulateGroupByManager.ps1 username GroupName" exit } #Get the passed distinguished name of the employee and assign to the vairable $DNofVP = $args[0] $Global:GroupName = $args[1] #Set the employee count to 1 of this organization $Script:Count=1 " - - - - - - $GroupName - - - - - -" "Adding " + (Get-ADUser $DNofVP).name Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $GroupName -Members (Get-ADUser $DNofVP).saMAccountName #Increase the employee count by 1 of this organization (before calling get-directreports #function) $Script:Count++ #Call the function to process the direct reports Get-directreports $DNofVP #Turn on displaying errors and warnings $ErrorActionPreference = "Continue" "`n$count users are added to $GroupName" #--------------------------- End of Script ----------------------------------------

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