Windows 2008 R2–RDS: “RemoteApp program is not in the list of authorized programs”

On Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS platform, you published a in-built programs like Notepad or Wordpad. You tried to access/run the published program using Remote Desktop Web Access, you end up seeing this message:


When this happened to me, I found no real answers on the Internet.  But the resolution I figured out myself was so simple and made me think how we sometimes miss the obvious stuff.


If you are publishing an Windows in-built programs, you shouldn’t be publishing manually (meaning – typing the path name of the program). If you publish anything under C:\Windows, you would get the above message.

Instead use the listed programs in application publishing wizard. If you still don’t know what I am talking about, follow the steps below.

1. Open RemoteApp Manager and connect to desired RDS Session Host server.

2. On Action Pane click on image

3. Click Next on RemoteApp Wizard Welcome page.

4. Select one of these listed programs if you want to publish in-built program. Do not click Browse button.



5. Click Next and Finish button to complete the wizard.

Now you can access this published application without any errors. Hope this explanation helped you.

3 thoughts on “Windows 2008 R2–RDS: “RemoteApp program is not in the list of authorized programs”

  1. This is not a resolution to the error message!! Please address the root cause of the problem, not a typical MS answer.

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