Windows 7: Xp-Mode apps–Pause, hibernate, reboot

XP Mode is Windows 7 is greatest thing since sliced bread. Damn it was more than useful. Here are the few ways I use the XP Mode.

  • Installed legacy apps (that’s the point of this feature, isn’t?)
  • Install the apps that I want to keep for a long time. E.g., you can reinstall your computer and still keep the same VM intact and continue to use. Time to time I find a great free application at and I keep it installed in VM.
  • When I connect to work (VPN), I connect using VPN application in VM using XP Mode. Voila`, my VM is connected to work and my laptop is not. I can continue to watch movies or play games, while I am monitoring an application or logs at a server at work.

You know what was missing. We can’t hibernate or pause the VM in XP Mode.  Think about click a single app opens up all the work related applications where it left off.

Found this great PowerShell script based application that does exactly what is missing in XP Mode. Now you can pause, hibernate, reboot and shutdown the XP mode VM quickly and easily. Head over to and get AVPCC.

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