Windows 7: How to search Active Directory?

In Windows XP, There was “Windows Address Book” program preinstalled. You can use Windows Address Book to search Active Directory for users, computers, printers, contacts, etc.,

Too Bad, Windows 7 doesn’t have “Address Book” program. Well there is, but it is not listed in programs menu. The following trick works for every domain user.

  1. Click Start Orb Menu, and type %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\rundll32.exe dsquery,OpenQueryWindow (I would recommend create a shortcut and place it in programs menu)
  2. Select your domain in dropdown box and search away.


4 thoughts on “Windows 7: How to search Active Directory?

  1. Thanks. But what a laugh. A key component of M$ networking and they buried it. Typical M$ nonsense.

    Even funnier for me, as I am currently working my way through the book, “Mastering Windows 2008 R2,” and publishing to, and searching, the Active Directory is the bee’s knees of it all.

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