WTF? There is valid reason why I hate Symantec, as a company.

The following text blurb found at

After you install the client and restart, you may see the validation error: "The security processor reported a file mismatch error"
After you install the Symantec Endpoint Protection client on Microsoft Vista and restart, you may see the following validation error:
"The security processor reported a file mismatch error."
You must then restart Microsoft Vista again.
This problem may occur because a specific system setting is removed when a program runs with administrative credentials. The removal of this system setting may cause a BIOS validation check to fail. The BIOS validation check is part of the system activation process. Therefore, you may be prompted to restart Windows Vista, even though the system did not previously require a restart. For example, this problem is known to occur when you use Intuit QuickBooks 2007. This problem may also infrequently occur when you install other programs or device drivers.
Contact Microsoft Corporation for the Microsoft patch to fix this issue.

I am stuck. Whoever tries to uninstall Symantec anti virus products are stuck. We are all going to die!!!

I mean, what the heck? "This problem may also infrequently occur when your install other programs and drivers" after I uninstall Symantec Endpoint protection manager. I have to call Microsoft to get a patch. Then what, constantly pray to dear God while my machine life is hanging on a thread.

If you have a chance, GET AWAY from evil Symantec products. Well, their backup products are good for now, they will screw up that thing pretty soon in next two versions just like their Anti Virus products.

If you can remember, their VPs and directors spitting words against Microsoft Vista because their bread and butter is slipping away. Check the following links and if you search the Internet I am sure you will find more:

Symantec: MS Making Vista Insecure

Symantec Says Secure APIs for Vista Kernel PatchGuard Aren’t Enough

Symantec identifies Vista Weaknesses

Why Microsoft PatchGuard API’s aren’t enough: Symantec VP responds

Symantec and McAfee should stop crying about Vista

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