Details..Details..Details pane in File Explorer in Vista

Have you noticed the "Detail Pane" in file explorer in Vista. It looks like this.


It shows the relative file information according to the file just like details view. I started to like this idea now. When I am in ICON view mode (which I am usually in all folders), when I click on the file icon the details pane on the bottom shows the information about the file.

Now here is tip. You can change the size of the details pane. Just right click on the blank space in the detail pane and select the size Menu. You have option to change "small", "medium" and "Large".

The above picture is small detail pane. The medium one looks like this.


The large detail pane looks like this.


Notice that more information about the file is displayed in the details pane.

Don’t like the detail pane, you can hide it easily by right clicking on the blank space in the details pane and select "Hide Details Pane".

It’s nice to know every nook and corner is customizable in Vista.  

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