Is Adobe PDF format is really good for Ebooks? Certainly NOT.

When I buy tech books, I receive CD with the book with extra materials and whole book as EBook format. It turn out to be I like to read e-books in my Laptop than the real book. Now why would everyone gives E-Book in PDF format?

I hate reading books using Adobe Reader. It’s just me. Number one reason is Adobe Reader doesn’t support Bookmarks. Their meaning of book mark is table of contents generated by the Reader software (What the heck?).  I would like book mark (the real book mark) on the page when I left reading. So I can open the E-Book go to the book-marked location and start reading where did I left yesterday. With Adobe Reader, it’s simply NOT possible. I hate remembering the page numbers to start reading for tomorrow.

The winner is Microsoft Word. It has all the features as E-Book reader like book-marks, Full page view, Reader format, etc., So I simply converted PDF file to DOC file using this free converter: Free PDF to Word Doc Converter version 1.1

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