Do you miss ‘classic’ RUN dialog box in Vista Start menu?

I don’t. Some do. Let me first inform you about the advantages of RUN dialog box.

1. Run dialog box saves history of commands or programs

2. It has a Browse button, so you can browse through the hard disk or network to find your file

Note: RUN dialog box can be reached in older Windows system by clicking Start Menu and select Run.

Simple way is click Windows Button and "R" button to show the RUN dialog box.

How to enable RUN dialog box as in older Windows systems in Vista? See the 4 easy steps below.

1. Right click on Task Bar (where Start (orb) button is) and select Properties

2. Click "Start Menu" Tab

3. Click Customize button. Scroll down and find "Run command" check box. Select the "Run command" check box to select it. Click OK button twice to close the dialog boxes.

4. Now click the Start (Orb) button and you will see your ‘Good Old Pal’ Run command.


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