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Delete the Internet Cache when closing Internet Explorer every time

How many time do you clean your IE cache? Never, huh! You should start purging the cache once in a while for so many reasons.  But it takes many steps and mouse clicks to do the task. Never fear…there is automatic way to clean the cache folder when you closing the Internet Explorer every time.

1. Click Start Orb and type Internet Options. Press Enter. (or you can go to Control Panel and open Internet Options. OR Open IE and click Tools –> Internet Options)


2. Open the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to "Security Section"

3. Check "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closing"

4. Click OK and you are done.


Being in Silicon Valley for years, I became a IT Infrastructure Geek by experience and surrounded by other Geeks everywhere. I try to help others by the solutions I found on odd occasions.

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