My TOP-10 very cool Vista Sidebar Gadgets

My TOP-10 very cool Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Everyone has their favorite gadget list. Here are mine. I am not listing the ones that come with Vista. These are the ones you have to download from Microsoft and Third-party web sites.

1. Battery Monitor (LINK ): I like this gadget over other Battery monitors. This one actually shows “how much time left?” It works very well on my laptop. Beware that some reported that their Laptop’s not calculating the time right. If I change my Power Profiles, this gadget updates the “Time Left” accordingly.

2. Multi-Meter Dual Core (LINK ): This gadget actually displays usage of each core in dual-core processor and memory information. When you click on it, it will open up the Task Manager. There is another gadget available from the same developer for Quad-core processors if you have one.


3. Desktop Wallpaper (LINK): I am a “Wallpaper Freak”, means I hate to have single wallpaper forever. I want to change the wallpaper from my photo and wallpaper collection. Pre-Vista, I have used Wallpaper Master which is free and very usable. This gadget “Desktop Wallpaper” is like slideshow gadget (comes with Vista), but it also changes your Wallpaper from your collection in specified duration. I totally love it.

image image

4. The Magic Folder (LINK): The Magic Folder is a gadget that helps you categorize and move files. When you drag a file to the gadget it will look at the file extension and place Document files (like doc, xls, ppt, etc) in the Document folder. It places image files like (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc) into the Pictures folder. And many more extension types come pre-registered.



5. Remote Desktop (LINK): As a System Administrator, I use Remote Desktop extensively to connect to my servers. This one comes very handy at desktop.


6. Fidelity Market Monitor (LINK): This is the ONLY stock quotes gadget I like. The reasons are very obvious like controlling the size of the gadget, Refresh button, Charts, News and others. I wish they add more feature like after-market quotes, more skins, etc.,


7. Traffic by Live Search Maps (LINK): The name says it all. I use it everyday. Also it’s fun to watch how the traffic alerts changes through the day. Of course, I can always check the same thing using Live Search (maps) program on my HTC Mobile. Unfortunately it’s only for USA for now.


8. CT Control (LINK): This is one hell of a gadget. This displays date and time, Day, Countdown, Day of the year, Week of the Year, Quarter of the year, Alarm, Customizable count down, Timer, System control…Whoa! All this…in a tiny gadget.


9. Daily Political Cartoons from MSNBC (LINK): I read the political cartoons time to time. Its fun and time passing.


10. Daily Dilbert (LINK): This gadget displays the Daily Dilbert cartoon from the fly-out window from the Gadget. So, you don’t have to open the IE to read your cartoon. Of course, you can subscribe via RSS on your Outlook or IE or other RSS reader. But this is fun. I wish they add print or save button.


I will update this blog if I find any cool useful gadgets later.

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